Penis enlargement without surgery: myth or reality?

penis enlargement and growth chart

Any man occasionally, but thought it would not be bad to enlarge the penis. Movies, great magazines, sexy commercials and last but not least, porn movies and videos encourage him to do this.

To which one eminent British doctor said, that it is so simple, all the advertised methods of augmentation actually work, as prescribed by rumors and advertisements, then we would all already be walking with penises no smaller than thirty centimeters.

And those who are most worried about the issue of penis enlargement would not stop there, catching up with the size of male dignity to the size of a racial stallion.

However, no matter what you say, we happened to live in a time when the latest methods of penis enlargement without surgical intervention by surgeons are intrusively advertised almost constantly, in completely different places.

And it seems to us that this fact plays an important role in the emergence of an obsession in the minds of the male population about increasing their faithful friend in pants.

For some reason, many men have the opinion that happiness and satisfaction depend on the number of divisions on the scale. At the risk of their health, undergoing surgery on one of their most vulnerable organs, they begin to realize that the landmarks were not entirely correct at first.

Our article will give answers to all the questions that interest you, how much it is possible to enlarge the penis and how to avoid surgery and achieve the desired result.

You are thinking about how to enlarge your penis without surgery

The first thing to start with is to figure out if you really need penis enlargement at home without surgery.

Scientific statistics are objective and impartial. According to her, the size of the average penis in an ordinary man is about 10-15 centimeters.

Numerous studies of women of different ages and temperaments show that these numbers are quite sufficient for a complete orgasm.

This is due to the anatomical structure of the female genital area. The depth of a woman's vagina usually ranges from 8 to 14 centimeters.

As you can see, our average sexual organ for this kuna will be at the right time. However, common sense does not always follow our real needs and desires.

There is an opinion among sex therapists and urologists that many patients with micropenis problems should be dealt with by psychologists, not surgeons. Because, in their opinion, they inadequately assess their body and its capabilities.

It is quite possible that instead of dreaming about a huge penis, you need to focus on increasing and improving potency.

You need to take medications and pills to improve potency, exercise, massage, healthy lifestyle.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, then, summarizing the first part of our article, we say you can enlarge your penis at home. Then we will consider different ways to enlarge the penis at home without surgery.

Pump for men - enlarge the penis with a vacuum

penis enlargement pump

Vacuum pump (further we will consider penis enlargement using a vacuum pump). Generally speaking, it is done like this: we put the penis in a hollow transparent cylinder attached to a pump (this is the name of a special pump for pumping something, manual or electric).

Furthermore, a vacuum is created in the cylinder. The vacuum causes a rush of blood into the veins of the penis, the penis swells and greatly increases in size.

At this point, the penis not only enlarges, but a permanent erection also occurs. In order to keep the blood in the veins of the penis, it is fixed with a specially made ring that is part of the pump for men. After the ring is safely removed, the permeability of the blood vessels returns and the penis returns to its normal state.

This method has quite serious contraindications for incapable handling of the device:

  • It is possible to form hematomas and subcutaneous bruises,
  • All types of injuries: scratches, scuffs, lacerations,
  • If too low pressure is abused and sexual circulation disorders can occur for a long time, which leads to temporary impotence, tissue and skin necrosis.

It is much safer and healthier to include exercise in your daily routine.

Effective exercises for penis enlargement

In the East, a technique called "jelqing" has long been known (read more here, jelqing - the 3 most famous techniques) - stretching the organs with certain movements.

If we consider the technique as an alternative to surgery, it is a great method with minimal costs. It is best to supplement with special gels that help improve the process.

A method for the stubborn and disciplined, it is necessary to practice for at least thirty minutes every day.

He doesn't agree to yelk, it doesn't matter. A special device - an extender - will come to the rescue. Its use has its roots in antiquity. But modern Aborigines do not shy away from this method.

Aboriginal people with enlarged members

But we are not savages. Modern penis enlargement extenders are a high-tech device. To achieve the desired effect, you need to wear it for a long time (8-10 hours a day).

Careless handling is also fraught with serious consequences: vascular disorders, bruises, hematomas, ruptures, cracks.

That's why I would like - while you increase your head, don't lose your head, gentlemen!

Pills and other penis enlargement products.

As a rule, penis enlargement pills are made on the basis of natural ingredients and all kinds of medicinal herbs. They improve potency, cause increased blood flow in the genitals, which contributes to an excellent erection.

The penis in the state of maximum erection is significantly enlarged and leaves a good impression on the partner during lovemaking.

Various enlargement creams have become widely known relatively recently, but the results of their use are encouraging.

Then consider the benefits of penis enlargement creams.

How can you really enlarge your penis with creams

They have recently become available to a wide audience, today these means are the most popular and sought after among people, because they are very easy to use, exclude surgical operations and increase the size of the penis safe for health.

The benefits of penis enlargement creams are obvious:

  • The tool is economical: one pack of cream is enough for the whole course. At the same time, there is a bonus - regular use extends the duration of a love affair several times!
  • The potency increases and its quality improves, this fact may already be enough to greatly increase the quality of a man's sexual life. Very often potency problems are subconsciously attributed to the small size of male dignity, but this is not the case.
  • Enjoyment in the game of love and the quality of orgasm greatly increases, due to the increased sensitivity of the nerve endings of the genital organ.
  • The enlargement cream also performs hygienic functions - it nourishes, moisturizes and alleviates inflammation of the skin tissues on the penis, associated with the regular use of condoms, which limit the access of air to the skin of the penis.
  • Enlargement creams are usually hypoallergenic, maintain an optimal pH level of the skin, are quickly absorbed and do not stain clothes.
  • They contain only natural ingredients with a pleasant smell of natural plants, which stimulate the growth and division of cells in men, as well as increase the surface area of the corpora cavernosa, which directly affect the size of the erect penis.

Who is indicated for the use of augmentation cream

All men with the following indications:

  • Penis enlargement in a form that is harmless to health,
  • Improving potency, improving erection and its quality,
  • Increasing the duration of intercourse several times,
  • Reduced sensitivity of nerve endings, orgasm is poorly achieved,
  • Injuries and cracking of the foreskin.

There are practically no contraindications for regular use of penis enlargement cream. In isolated cases, cases of allergic manifestations in the form of mild itching or redness of the penis have been reported. This is due to individual intolerance to natural ingredients.

How to apply enlargement cream

On a clean, well-washed and dried skin surface of the genitals, apply a thin layer of a little augmentation gel.

Grind well and rub in with light movements for a few minutes.

Keep in mind that the course you started should not be interrupted. Massage with augmentation gel should be repeated in the morning and in the evening in order to achieve the correct concentration of active substances in the body.

What is the principle of penis enlargement cream based on?

Improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, has a positive effect on potency. Due to the beneficial effect on the nerve endings in the skin thickness of the penis, the penis becomes more sensitive. The size increases with regular use after 3-4 months.

What is included in the augmentation gel? Main components:

  • White sandalwood;
  • Sprouted grain oil;
  • Aloe vera;
  • Ceylon ironwood.

Depending on which manufacturer made the drug, its composition may vary in one direction or another. However, the principles of its action on the male body remain unchanged.

Ways to enlarge the penis, as we see, are different. But the best, as you can see, is to use a cream or gel to increase. The therapy is performed at home, at a convenient time, with minimal contraindications and the possibility of harming yourself if used improperly.